A series of professional development workshops are held once a month at the Laussade Studio.  I present a wide range of topics to enhance various aspects of your performing, teaching and listening talents. The topic will be announced several weeks in advance.

Each workshop offers:

A one-hour master class with 2 performers, providing performance opportunities, interpretative suggestions, and insights into advanced teaching processes

A 15-minute break with light refreshments.

A 30-minute lecture, with a different topic each month, addressing such subjects as “The Art of Pedaling” and “Communicating Emotion through Music”.

A 30-minute technical workshop, with audience participation, focusing on a specific technical challenge to enhance the lecture topic on a practical level.

A 15-minute forum devoted to answering your questions regarding your concerns in your personal and teaching repertoire

These workshops are designed to:

  •     Increase your listening and musical awareness
  •     Improve your technical agility
  •     Deepen your musical understanding and ability
  •     Offer a constructive and vibrant environment in which to perform and listen (The master class is for anyone who wishes to perform – teachers or students.)

Details for the NEXT workshop are:

Saturday, 21 May, 2016, 3:15 - 5:45 (registration from 3)
The Laussade Studio, 15 Greendale Road, Doncaster East
$30, additional $20 for master class performers
"How to practise and teach technique so that it is not BORING" . Masterclass performers: Richard Parker - Beethoven Sonatina in G Major, Enoch - Chopin Etude Opus 25 #1 in Ab.

For enquiries or to reserve your seat, please email Dr Elyane Laussade: